Terms and Conditions for use of data distributed via the Greenland Resource Assessment Portal

Data presented in this public GIS-based compilation is presented free-of-charge subject to the following conditions undertaken and accepted by the USER before download of the data sets:

  • Data produced by the PROJECT have been collected and interpreted according to scientific practice at the time of the data collection.
  • The COMPILERS (GEUS, NUNAOIL and MIERL) disclaim any responsibility for the quality of the data, the reliability and exactness as well as the applicability of the data to the USER’s purpose.
  • The COMPILERS do not assume any liability in respect of the consequences of the USER’s use of the data, whether the consequences are due to defects or shortcomings in the data, or due to the USER’s use, handling or interpretation of the data.
  • The USER is not entitled to copy, publish, sell, lend or rent samples of the data or part hereof or otherwise redistribute the data.