Project Description

Aim of Project

The aim of the project is to provide an estimate of the play-based yet-to-find potential of conventional hydrocarbons on the Greenland continental shelf areas involving all sedimentary basins.

The project is carried out

  • to facilitate company business decisions and guide the industry towards the most prospective areas,
  • help the Greenland authorities and politicians in strategic decisions and in planning for future licensing rounds, and
  • help defining new derisking G&G initiatives.

QC of project results is carried out by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and GIS-pax.

The project is now finalized with the publication of the all results on 8 May 2023.

Project Data

The work is based on all existing data from the industry, GEUS, NUNAOIL and the Greenland Ministry of Industry, Energy and Research – apart from the basin modelling, which is performed in-house at GEUS.

Project Area

Seven assessment units have been established (AU1-AU7) covering more than 2.4 million km2.

Assessment Process

The assessment process for the project is shown by the Resource Evaluation Workflow.

  • Basin evaluation is the first activity describing the structural and stratigraphic framework leading into an understanding of the petroleum systems as displayed by event charts, which then forms the basis for the subsequent
  • Play analysis providing risk maps of Reservoir Presence, Reservoir Effectiveness, Top Seal Effectiveness, Trap Presence and Composite Charge
  • Evaluation of all mapped and reported leads and prospects
  • Yet-to-Find (Portfolio) analysis using the Player® software developed by GIS-Pax
  • Stochastic Yet-to-Find volumetrics in collaboration with Stochastic aps (under development).
    • Assessment Workflow

Project Collaborators

The project is carried out as a collaboration project between the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), the Greenland National Oil Company NUNAOIL and the Greenland Mineral Resources Authority (MRA).


8 May 2023
Assesment Unit 7 – North Greenland – finalized and data ready for download.
Download AU7 Project Summary

8 May
Assesment Unit 6 – South-East Greenland – finalized and data ready for download.
Download AU6 Project Summary

29 April 2022
Assesment Unit 5 – Central East Greenland – finalized and data ready for download.
Download AU5 Project Summary

27 January 2022
Presentation given at the FORCE Underexplored Plays IV Webinar 26-27 January 2022
Resource Assessment of Frontier Basins: An example from the play-based Greenland assessment – download presentation

NE Greenland continental margin: holistic analysis challenges old plays but identifies alternative Northwest Atlantic plays and provides a basis for new Greenland resource assessment – download presentation

28 October 2021
Assessment Unit 4 – North-East Greenland – finalized and ready for download.
Download AU4 Project Summary

3 February 2021
CPIs of all Greenland exploration wells now available as las-files from Central West Greenland Download page.
Download zip (user login required)

29 January 2021
Assesment Unit 3 – Disko West and Nuussuaq – finalized and data ready for download.
Download AU3 Project Summary

21 July 2020
Assessment Unit 2 – Baffin Bay – finalized and data ready for download.
Download AU2 Project Summary

26 February 2020
Assessment Unit 1 – Southern West Greenland – finalized and data ready for download.
Download AU1 Project Summary


Assessment Unit 1 finalized


Assessment Unit 2 – Finalised


Assessment Unit 3 – Finalized


Assessment Unit 4 – Expected spring 2021


Assessment Unit 5 – Finalized


Assessment Unit 6 – Expected release summer 2022


Assessment Unit 7 – Expected release summer 2022